Friday, May 02, 2008

Reviews: Supernatural & Smallville

Review: Supernatural, Episode 3.13, "Ghostfacers"

Writer Ben Edlund knows funny. After all, he created The Tick and wrote the "Life of the Party" and "Smile Time" episodes of Angel, so it's no surprise that this episode is all about the funny. You know all those 'reality' shows about ghost hunters? Edlund mocks their conventions within the parameters of the Supernatural universe, meaning hapless ghost hunters get thrown together with professional demon fighters Dean and Sam to face a murderous ghost. Hilarity and chills ensue. Also, the "Ghostfacers" song is made of awesome.

Review: Supernatural, Episode 3.14, "Long Distance Call"

After the humorous interlude of the previous episode, lead writer Sera Gamble puts the season's story arc back on the front burner. With only two episodes left in the strike-shortened season, there's a certain urgency to Dean's quest to save his own life and spare his soul from Hell, and Gamble keys into his willingness to take a leap of faith if it could save him.

Review: Smallville, Episode 3.18, "Apocalypse"

What would the Earth be like if Kal-El had never arrived here? Would it be better or worse? Writers Al Septien and Turi Meyer explore this idea while serving up some fun nods to comic book continuity. Star Tom Welling sits in the director's chair for the third time and does quite a good job of it, while James Marsters returns as Brainiac.

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