Saturday, May 31, 2008

Review: Doctor Who, Episode 4.8, "Silence in the Library"

This is the second best episode of the fourth season to date (behind only "The Fires of Pompeii"), courtesy of writer Steven Moffat (the soon to be showrunner as of 2010) and director Euros Lyn (who previously directed Moffat's "The Girl in the Fireplace" in the second season among other episodes). Intriguing concept, great sets, suspenseful, even disturbing at times, and it sets up what's sure to be a thrilling conclusion next week. Wow. Moffat never fails to impress me.

Guest stars Alex Kingston (formerly Dr. Corday on ER), Colin Salmon (MI6 agent Charles Robinson in three of the Pierce Brosnan 007 films), Eve Newton, and Talulah Riley are good in their respective roles. I can't wait to learn more about certain characters in the next episode, "Forest of the Dead", and to see how the Doctor and Donna get out of yet another fine mess.



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