Saturday, May 03, 2008

Review: Doctor Who, Episode 4.5, "The Poison Sky"

The conclusion of Helen Raynor's two-part Sontaran story is entertaining enough, but it loses points for a few plot holes and the Doctor's deus ex machina solution to a very big problem. It's more like Raynor's solid but unspectacular Dalek two-parter from last season than the first part or the two really good Torchwood episodes she wrote.

Warning: spoilers below, please highlight the white space with your mouse to read them.

Donna's mother proves that sometimes brute force is quite an effective solution.

Oh no, Clone!Martha helps the Sontarans steal the TARDIS! And Donna is inside!

Rose appears on the TARDIS' monitor!

Nice to hear the Brigadier is still alive and is Sir Alistair these days, but we really need to see him again, even if only a small cameo appearance.

Oh no, Ross is dead!

Donna and a mallet for the win!

Donna braves the dangers of Sontaran ship to help the Doctor.

"Are you my mummy?" Heh.

Yay, the Valiant to the rescue!

Clone!Martha couldn't fool the Doctor.

"You'll face me, sir!"

"Wonderful". Now that's the Sontaran spirit!

Aw, Clone!Martha died.

The sky's on fire! Um, how exactly does that work without killing everyone?

Rattigan finally redeems himself.

Boom go the Sontarans.

Donna's grandfather is still awesome.

Uh oh. The TARDIS just kidnapped the Doctor, Donna, and Martha.

Next week: OMG!



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