Saturday, May 10, 2008

Emerald City ComiCon, Day One

Day One of the Emerald City ComiCon was fun. I arrived at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center by 9:30am, exchanged my ticket for a badge, and waited in line until the doors to the convention space opened at 10am.

I spent most of the first hour looking at the merchandise on display from various exhibitors and making mental notes about where I might return later or tomorrow to actually buy things. The only thing I bought today was this. It's going on top of the PC with the Hal Jordan action figure and the Jawa plushie.

From 11am to Noon, I attended a panel called "The Legal Side of Creating Comic Books". The panelists were two attorneys from Washington Lawyers for the Arts who discussed copyrights, trademarks, and related issues. It was just a basic overview, but informative.

From Noon to 1pm, I was at the "What It Takes to Make It in Comics" panel put on by writer Christian Beranek and another writer whose name I didn't catch. Lots of good suggestions about finding artists to work with, submitting to publishers, and making it as a comic book writer.

At 1pm, I stepped out of the convention space for lunch. There's a Subway on the same floor, so I went there for a foot long tuna sub and a bottle of Coke. After waiting in the long line, getting the food, and then eating it, most of an hour was used up.

Then I attended the "Mondo Marvel" discussion from 2pm to 3pm with a panel consisting of editor Jen Gr├╝nwald, writer Ed Brubaker, writer Robert Kirkman, artist Skottie Young, and writer/artist Jeff Parker. Lots of info about upcoming Marvel Comics projects. It was also the funniest panel of the day. The panelists were a laugh riot.

From 3pm to 4pm, it was the "Spotlight with Jamie Bamber" (aka Apollo on Battlestar Galactica). He's even cuter in person, plus I got to hear his normal charming English accent instead of the North American accent he uses on the show. He's an engaging speaker with a good sense of humor. He also said and quickly retracted a potential spoiler about who the final Cylon may be.

I walked around the exhibition floor a little more, looking at more things I might want to buy tomorrow. I got a big smile from a lovely woman in a Power Girl costume after she noticed I was admiring her. There were cute geek women all over the place, so I was happy.

I finished off the day between 5pm and 6pm at the Costume Contest. The judges were three characters from the Who Wants to Be a Superhero? reality show, including The Defuser. Lots of great costumes, including the aforementioned Power Girl, a couple dressed up as Gambit and Rogue, a convincing Robin, some amazing looking Borg, and an Ian McKellen lookalike as Magneto. The contest ran late, so I left before the winner was announced.

I'm looking forward to Day Two.



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