Thursday, June 29, 2006

Review: "Blade: The Series"

The first episode of Blade: The Series is like a really bad B-movie. Granted, the concept of Blade is basically B-movie fodder, but the comics and films were generally well-executed and entertaining. The television series? Well, not so much.

It's especially disappointing because the series was developed by David Goyer, who wrote all three Blade theatrical films as well as Batman Begins (though, to be fair, he also wrote the incredibly bad Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD television movie that starred David Hasselhoff). The first episode's script is by Goyer and Geoff Johns, one of the hottest writers in comics. The two of them can write much better than what was on display last night, as demonstrated in their past collaboration on the JSA comic book series. I see their names in the credits, but the end result doesn't display their touch.

Sticky Fingaz takes over for Wesley Snipes as the title character, but his acting range is limited to glaring and yelling, and he doesn't have the moves of Snipes. He looks cool but once he opens his mouth or tries to emote, the illusion is shattered. Snipes was a badass Blade and he could act. Most of the other actors seem to have stepped out of a high school stage production.

Peter O'Fallon's direction is either poor or it was shot on a very low budget, and the latter may be the case because O'Fallon has previously performed solid work on shows like House and Wonderfalls. May I also mention the hamhanded music by Ramin Djawadi blaring in nearly every scene? Perhaps this is why the actors yell so much.

If Blade: The Series showed any potential, I would give it a second chance. Unfortunately, it doesn't so I won't. My recommendation is to avoid it.


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