Thursday, August 21, 2008

It was announced yesterday that Stargate Atlantis has been canceled and will cease airing after the completion of the current season, its fifth. The show's final episode will be its 100th overall and will be broadcast on December 26th. Like the show it spun off from, Stargate SG-1, it will continue as a series of direct-to-DVD films.

I wasn't really shocked by the announcement because the Sci Fi Channel is as notorious as FOX when it comes to suddenly canceling shows. With Battlestar Galactica also set to end early next year, the Sci Fi Channel suddenly looks very light in the original series category with only Eureka and the upcoming Sanctuary left.

It's a conspiracy against Jewel Staite! She was a regular cast member on the canceled far too soon Firefly, then as soon as she joined Stargate Atlantis as a regular cast member it was also canceled.



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