Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jericho returns for a second season tonight (10pm, CBS). The little show that could was poorly scheduled during its first season and then unceremoniously canceled, but a massive and creative campaign by fans produced the miracle of the network agreeing to bring it back for a second season of seven episodes (more of a mini-season really). Now it's up to fans to watch and get other people to watch, because good ratings may lead to a third season. I command you to watch! Because, you know, I really want a third season.

To paraphrase a certain fictional Cuban bandleader: "Lost, you got some splainin' to do!" I love the fourth season so far, but it seems that each season raises far more questions than it answers, and this one is no exception. At the end of the sixth and final season, the creators better have one hell of an explanation for all this.

Speaking of said bandleader, I see that there's now an I Love Lucy: The Complete Series DVD box set available that contains all six seasons of the show plus all three seasons of its successor, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Little known fact: I'm a huge fan of I Love Lucy. Back in the early 1980s, local independent station KSTW (now the local affiliate of the CW network) broadcast episodes every weekday at noon (I think they may have even shown two episodes back to back), so over the course of several years I saw every episode. Mostly during the summer when school was out, but there were also a few times when I sneaked out of school early so I could go home and watch it.

And just remember, the success of I Love Lucy made Desilu Productions into major players in television, and it was Desilu (and its president/CEO, Lucille Ball) who gave Gene Roddenberry a development deal that resulted in Star Trek.

Torchwood will have two new episodes broadcast back to back in the UK tomorrow, both of which sound like they're going to be really good, and it's probably six weeks or so until the new season of Doctor Who begins. Hooray for new computers that allow me to download torrents and burn them to DVD!

My mission to re-watch the entire runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel on DVD is going smoothly (thanks to my possession of a box set that contains all seven seasons of the former and another that has all five seasons of the latter). I'm two thirds of the way through the second season of Buffy right now. The first season reminded me of the initial season of another show I recently re-watched, Justice League, in how it didn't always work, but you could see how the creators were trying to do something new and learning from their mistakes as they went, leading to great second seasons.

And how many others agree with me that Willow was the hottest female character on Buffy? I can't be the only one who appreciates cute geek girls.


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